The people who comprise our regular Friday night show.

Dave. Everyone's got to have a hobby. This is mine, having run it since I was 13. I guess that makes me dedicated.

Patrick. By virtue of being Dave's husband, he gets the cohost title and the midnight shift. He hosts the Friday show from midnight Eastern until close.

Jeff. Marvella Redbush. Host of the pre-show. Selector of fine music.

Matt. The leader of the WGAY dance Troupe. You can't find a substitution for him!

Bill. One of our Radio Voices. Master of the WTF sets, which are usually aired immediately after our Blade segments, around midnight.

Sam. Another one of our Radio Voices. Sam pays more attention to the production of the show than anyone else, except perhaps Dave (when he's paying attention).

Morgan. Our Resident Old Queen. Also the longest running cast member besides Dave, continually showing up or calling in since 1999. Will usually insist on playing some old songs that we title "Geezer Gazebo."

Jason. We're not sure whose team is on, but he sure likes to play ball.

Dave(#2). He's younger than the other Dave. He'll give us many details... about what, you'll have to tune in to find out. :)

Will. Because every show needs a Hobbit.

Brian. We recently lost our British accent and gained a Boston accent. Hollaaah!

Jose. Virgin?!

Marcus. Patrick's boyfriend? The Loud One. Politician. ISO something that will consent.

Dan. Dave's brother; keeper of Betsy the Border Collie, the radio show mascot - or is Betsy our keeper?

Rose. Dave's sister. She's got a wild side. Yeah.