For a radio show we are stubbornly visual. To satisfy your curiosity, here is a quick look at some of the more interesting things we frequently refer to in the WGAY studio!

The place from where we broadcast!
Our Studio. Good fun every Friday night starts here.
Francois The Flamingo This is Francois, our ceramic flamingo. He has a different outfit for each month, because he showed up at our door that way.
Here stands Felicia, on the left. Yes, that's an actual taxidermied squirrel. She was brought to the show one night, and here she is making friends with two girls who don't have names yet. That's a real squirrel!
Where is he? We haven't had much luck at keeping actual pets, so Slick Kitty will do. He shows up in a different location every week!
What the??
This is our Shelf Of Misfit Toys. Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else lands here.

Photos by Sam.