It all started on May 6th, 1991. Out of a bedroom window in suburban Prince Georges County, MD, Dave started a low-power AM/FM broadcast station. He played what he wanted, and people around the block started to listen. Friends started to come over during the show. It turned into a weekly record listening party. The idea outgrew the bedroom (and its puny air signals) and moved into the basement. Local musicians started asking about playing the show, and so it became a venue. From 1995 until 2001 it was common to hear two bands a week, with far more people watching the show live than could ever tune in with a radio!

We evolved. Our first website came online in 1998, and we started streaming online in 1999, greatly expanding our reach. In 2003 the show moved to Dave and Patrick's house, its current location. On February 17, 2006, the show, then named "W" - (dramatic pause) - "DAV", adopted the name WGAY (with a tip of the hat to the defunct DC station of that name), found online at

We branched out. In 2007 we entered into a collaboration with The Washington Blade, DC's long-running gay publication. We provide a new commentary about articles in the Blade every week, heard on our airwaves and posted on their website! This lasted through our last regularly scheduled show in 2014. We are also providing additional compelling programming during the week, including vintage local alternative radio broadcasts, and unique new music programming in the style of the Friday night broadcast. Click on the Program Guide button above for details!

The next chapter. January 3rd, 2014 marked the end of our regular Friday night broadcasts. We're still on the air, keeping an interesting music mix going for you. And we're still going to entertain you - on May 6, 2015 we did a live show marking 24 years(!) on the air. So stay tuned, because there's always something up our sleeves.