We are on the air 24/7! But be sure to join us for our live broadcast every Friday night, from 9 PM - 1 AM Eastern. This is the show that started it all!

Special Programs

WGTB On WGAY. Every weekday (M-F) at 11 AM, we run two hours of vintage airchecks of Washington, DC radio station WGTB, usually from the 1970s. Enjoy what was once on the DC FM radio dial!

The Ozone Hours with Steve Floyd. Every weekday afternoon at 2 PM, for one hour, we hear vintage programming from WUVT FM, Virginia Tech's student run radio station, featuring progressive Jazz, Rock, and Electronic music. Recordings mostly from the late 1970's.

WTF On WGAY. Bill provides us with these special song sets each week, and they have become quite popular. Check out his archive!