Our friends. Yes, we have some.


The WGAY Facebook Group Everyone's on Facebook, right? Join our group and see what we're talking about and linking to.

The Washington Blade. DC's definitive gay newspaper, and where you can hear our commentaries on issues (and non-issues) of the day! To easily find our submissions to the Blade, click here.

BaltimoreOUTLoud. Baltimore's source for LGBTQ news - and they cover Maryland as well!

Local Music - Artists

IlyAIMY. Having first come into our world on 12/22/00 with a fierce eleven song set, Rob Hinkal and his band have returned to our airwaves many times to delight everyone with his folk-rock creation.

Tom Goss. Singer-songwriter Tom Goss originally hails from Wisconsin (Patrick's home state), and has adopted the DC area as his home. Tom dropped by the station in September 2010 to play an extended concert for our audience!

Velvet. Velvet has had a very long history with the station, dating all the way back to their very first shows in Spring 1996. These guys are awesome live.

Tinsmith. These guys are a local Celtic music group that have rocked out at the station a few times. If you have the chance to see them live, do it.

Joseph Isaacs. In addition to playing his own music (which he has done at our show before), Joseph runs the Music Matters Showcase, where new talent gets a chance to play and be discovered. Check out his website for his latest open mic schedules.

Local Music - Resources

PandaFuzz. Beau Finley works to get local music released on this record label.

The School Of Music. Longtime station friend Glenn Flaherty runs this school in Rockville, MD. You want to learn from him.


ExploringIntamacy.com Super-awesome WGAY friend and guest Dr. Ruthie has a website dedicated to providing YOU with just the kind of advice you may need but have been afraid to ask for!

Blinkie's Karaoke. This karaoke company is run by Luisa "Rose" Sleeman, whose husband, Ken, was station manager of WGTB in the 1970s. They are longtime friends of WGAY, and their karaoke shows are very fun. Check them out!